Hello, friends.

Much has happened since last I wrote.  I passed the California bar exam, was sworn into practice, renovated and sold my house in Buffalo, and made a 2,500 mile trek across the country to my new home in Los Angeles – where the world is now alight with the fury of several raging wildfires.  In Buffalo, it snows… And, generally speaking, you just push it out of the way.  Fire destroys… generally without mercy or discretion.

At present, I would ask you to make offerings to your pantheon, call for rain and still winds, and work spells of protection around our firefighters and those whose homes have been and continue to be affected.

On a practical front, if you are in Southern California, please keep apprised of evacuation orders and preparedness alerts by following Cal Fire on social media or signing up for text alerts from your local municipality.  If you live outside of the area, please refer to this helpful article on how you may provide assistance to those in need.  Every little bit helps, and is greatly appreciated.

Stay safe out there!!

Magickal blessings,


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