Last week, I invited you to take the Earth Element Detox Challenge by cleaning up your makeup bag.  This week, we turn our attention to dental care products, most of which contain fluoride.  What’s wrong with fluoride, you ask?  A recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research – Clinical & Translational Research indicates an upswing in dental fluorosis in the United States.  This makes sense, because we are getting repeatedly exposed to fluoride in the water we cook and clean in, in medications, and in certain foods, on top of what we already get in dental products and treatments.  The cumulative effect is actually an erosion of the teeth, not a strengthening of them.  We simply do not need fluoride at our current intake levels.

Moreover, fluoride added to tap water is a waste product from fertilizer manufacturing.  Do you really want to be putting that in your mouth or on your skin?

Let’s work on cleaning up some of the unnecessary fluoride in your life, starting with your toothpaste and mouth wash.  For Detox Challenge #2, take a look at your current dental hygiene products and see if they contain fluoride.  (Hint: If the label has a warning that you shouldn’t swallow it, it probably has fluoride.)  Ditch those products in favor fluoride-free versions, like Tom’s Propolis & Myrrh Cinnamint.  This one is my favorite, because myrrh is a common homeopathic remedy for sore gums and bad breath.

As you make these small steps to detox your life, you should start to see big benefits in how you feel.  Stick with it!

To learn more about the benefits of myrrh, check out Adam Barralet’s video, Myrrh – The Oil of Mother.

To learn more about fluoride, I very highly recommend The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It, by Melissa Gallico.  This book revolutionized the way I personally understand the fluoridation problem in America.

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