Earth Element Detox Challenge #5

This week, we’re treating ourselves with bentonite clay facials!  Bentonite clay usually comes in powdered form (although some versions are pre-mixed) and, when water is added, produces an electrical charge that attracts toxins stored in the body.  It’s basically a detox magnet.

To take advantage of bentonite clay’s powerful benefits, simply mix the powdered clay with enough distilled water to form a paste.  To make your mask even better, add a couple drops of skin-loving essential oils, like lavender, geranium, carrot seed, or helichrysum.  Apply the paste in a thin layer on your face, avoiding contact with your eyes.  Then kick back and watch my YouTube videos (shameless plug ;o) until the paste dries – about 5 to 10 minutes.  Rinse, pat dry, and apply your favorite skin moisturizer.  Mine is Derma E’s Firming DMAE Moisturizer.

Have fun with this one and enjoy doing something beautiful for yourself!

For more information on this challenge, check out my latest Earth Element video:


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Earth Element Detox Challenge #4

Next challenge?  Let’s clean up those pits!  Armpits to be exact.

If you’ve been using a deodorant/antiperspirant that contains aluminum, chances are you have years of buildup in your underarms of this harmful neurotoxin.  And the ironic thing about it is that plugging your pores with aluminum to stop the body from detoxing naturally through sweat disrupts bacterial balance, making BO even worse than if you didn’t use deodorant at all.

At some point in your teenage years, you were probably advised by a soccer coach, camp counselor, or your parents to start using an antiperspirant.  But, what if you really don’t need it?  Let’s see if you do.

Take a week or two to detox from deodorant entirely and allow the body to sweat all that nasty gunk out.  Once the body rebalances itself, you may find that you really don’t smell as bad you thought you would without it.  If you do, however, find that you could still use a little something to feel fresh, try an aluminum free deodorant that uses anti-bacterial essential oils to keep things in check.

More information on the Detox Challenge and my entire series on the Earth Element can be found on my YouTube Channel.

Good luck!

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Earth Element Detox Challenge #3

Continuing onward with our Earth Element Detox Challenge, this week we take a look at soap.  We want to make sure our soap is packaged in a biodegradable wrapper and that the ingredients are safe.  That typically means ditching the fancy liquid body wash bottled in plastic and going back to good, old fashioned bar soap packaged in paper.  Look for versions that are free of parabens, sulfates, and dioxins.  Opt for simple blends scented with essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances, and take advantage of the extra nourishing benefits those herbal concoctions can supply to your skin.  Once you make the switch, you’ll see just how much cleaner you feel.

For more details on this challenge and on the Earth Element, check out my latest video on YouTube.


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Seed Blessing

One of my favorite things to do for Ostara is bless the seeds that I will plant at Beltane.  Ostara is celebrated at the Spring Equinox, which falls around March 20th of every year.  It is a time of renewal and rebirth – and a time for preparing for the upcoming agricultural season.

Even you’re not a farmer, you can tune into the rhythms of the Earth’s cycles by planting just a few seeds in a simple pot on your porch or on your kitchen counter and tending to them while they grow.  It is truly magical to witness a tiny seed emerge from the dirt, rise to reach toward the sky, and produce flowers, fruit, or vegetables to harvest in the later months of the year.  By the time Mabon and Samhain roll around, seeds from the plant you grew can be stored for use the during the following growing season, starting the turn of the wheel all over again.  So, pick up a packet of non-GMO seeds, and get ready to watch the Earth to burst into life this Spring!

Place your seeds on your altar.  If you have several seed packets, you may wish to use a decorative basket to hold them all.

Light an Ostara ritual candle.  Alternatively, a green candle (for fertility) will do just fine.

Draw a pentagram on each seed packet, which represents the Elements.  Your seeds will need the support of each of the Elements to grow.

Call upon your deity of choice for fertility/creation, if you have one.  I personally call upon Cernunnos for this ritual, but work with a deity you have a relationship with.  If you don’t work with any particular deities, feel free to modify the wording of your blessing to generally call upon the Earth or the Universe or whatever feels right to you.

Bless the seeds by stating:

Lord Cernunnos,
The Mighty Horned One,
Protector of the Forest,
Master of the Hunt –
I ask for your blessing upon these seeds.
May they be awakened by your virility
And stir with life, ready for planting at Beltane.
By your power over the land and all things wild
May they rise to meet the Sun,
Yield an abundant harvest,
And peacefully rest when
Light and Dark are equal again.
As I will it, so mote it be, and so it is.

Give thanks to Cernunnos and make an appropriate offering, such as drumming, wine, or naturally fallen pine cones or leaves.

Leave your seeds on your altar until it is time to plant them at Beltane.

Ostara Blessings,

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Earth Element Detox Challenge #2

Last week, I invited you to take the Earth Element Detox Challenge by cleaning up your makeup bag.  This week, we turn our attention to dental care products, most of which contain fluoride.  What’s wrong with fluoride, you ask?  A recent study published in the Journal of Dental Research – Clinical & Translational Research indicates an upswing in dental fluorosis in the United States.  This makes sense, because we are getting repeatedly exposed to fluoride in the water we cook and clean in, in medications, and in certain foods, on top of what we already get in dental products and treatments.  The cumulative effect is actually an erosion of the teeth, not a strengthening of them.  We simply do not need fluoride at our current intake levels.

Moreover, fluoride added to tap water is a waste product from fertilizer manufacturing.  Do you really want to be putting that in your mouth or on your skin?

Let’s work on cleaning up some of the unnecessary fluoride in your life, starting with your toothpaste and mouth wash.  For Detox Challenge #2, take a look at your current dental hygiene products and see if they contain fluoride.  (Hint: If the label has a warning that you shouldn’t swallow it, it probably has fluoride.)  Ditch those products in favor fluoride-free versions, like Tom’s Propolis & Myrrh Cinnamint.  This one is my favorite, because myrrh is a common homeopathic remedy for sore gums and bad breath.

As you make these small steps to detox your life, you should start to see big benefits in how you feel.  Stick with it!

To learn more about the benefits of myrrh, check out Adam Barralet’s video, Myrrh – The Oil of Mother.

To learn more about fluoride, I very highly recommend The Hidden Cause of Acne: How Toxic Water Is Affecting Your Health and What You Can Do about It, by Melissa Gallico.  This book revolutionized the way I personally understand the fluoridation problem in America.

And don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel for more insight on how to connect with the Earth Element!  Until next time –


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Why Information About Vaccines Should Not Be Censored

Several years ago, I was given a synthetic antibiotic for a minor sinus infection.  Within a few hours, I began having violent seizures while throwing up and choking on it.  Fortunately, I was not home alone.  I was transported to the hospital where I spent three days in ICU fighting for my life.  The antibiotic I had been prescribed nearly killed me.

Many years later, I contracted bronchitis.  I was sick for three straight months, while my doctor prescribed me antibiotic after antibiotic – none of which worked for me.  At my wit’s end, I researched at-home remedies and learned that garlic is a natural antibiotic and echinacea can help boost immunity.  I began a course of garlic and echinacea and was finally restored to full health within 36 hours.

Since then, I have gradually added more naturopathic treatments to my regimen while reducing synthetic ones, until today where I almost exclusively turn to herbal medicine when I have a health issue.  I am incredibly grateful that this alternative exists for people like me who simply do not fair well with manufactured drugs.  Moreover, I have appreciated the ease with which this information has been available – until now.

A few days ago, it was announced that Facebook will be censoring anti-vaccine content on its platform.  I have seen much rejoicing over the social media giant’s gag order on information that provides alternatives for people who cannot have vaccines or are otherwise concerned about the risks associated with them.  And it worries me.

It appears that anything “anti-vaccine” has been unequivocally categorized as “fake news”; whereas anything pro-vaccine has been unequivocally categorized as “factual” because it’s “scientific”… If only the world were that black and white!

The reality is that there are many myths on both sides of the debate, and in a society that values public debate and free speech, it should be up to end users to evaluate what to believe and how to apply that information within their own lives, for their own bodies.  It should not be up to the government, your child’s school teacher, your priest, or even your doctor – and it should most certainly not be up to Facebook, of all organizations, to herd the masses into a one-size-fits-all healthcare solution.  By only allowing one voice to speak, Facebook is invariably attempting to control how people see the issue, and therefore, control how they think about it and what opinions they ultimately form – which may not be based on real facts at all.

Let’s look at just a few of the mistruths I have personally heard over the last couple of days on Facebook regarding vaccines:

Myth #1 – Failing to get a tetanus shot will cause an outbreak of tetanus.

This comment comes on the heals of a two-year-old story that a child in Oregon contracted tetanus after getting a cut on his family’s farm.

Fact: Tetanus is not contagious.  It is usually contracted when dirt gets into a puncture wound.  Thus, getting a tetanus shot yourself will not in any way contribute to someone else contracting it in an “outbreak” or not.  Source:

Myth #2 – Getting vaccinated prevents the spread of disease.

Fact:  When you are given a vaccination, you are given a pathogen in the hopes that the body will develop antibodies to it.  While you are a carrier of the pathogen, you can contaminate others with it, and are therefore at risk of spreading the disease you were vaccinated against.  Source:

Myth #3 – Vaccines are safe for everyone.

Facts:  Vaccinations, just like any medication, can contain ingredients that trigger allergic reactions in some people.  For example, the CDC recommends that those with egg allergies receive the flu vaccine under supervision by “a health care provider who is able to recognize and manage severe allergic conditions.” Source

Myth #4 – Mandatory vaccinations are the only way to effectively combat disease.

Protection against illness can be achieved by methods other than vaccination.  Antibodies can build after natural exposure to a pathogen, such that certain illnesses are usually only ever contracted by an individual once.  For this reason, the CDC indicates that a person who has had a previous diagnosis of chickenpox or shingles does not require the varicella vaccine, for example.

Immunity can be passed from mother to child or achieved through homeoprophylaxis, which is used with great success in many countries to control outbreaks of communicable diseases.  Source:


And that is just some of the misinformation I have heard in the last of couple of days promoting vaccines.  One must wonder, if Facebook’s objective is truly to address fake news, why are they are only targeting information about vaccine risks or alternatives?  Why are they not dealing with ALL vaccine “misinformation”, regardless of whether it is for, against, or just neutral?  Moreover, how does this practice contribute to the current state of hysteria people are currently in?  People are so afraid right now that they are going to die from illnesses previously thought of as generally unconcerning that they are demanding censorship and forfeiture of our right to direct our own medical treatment.  This is utterly flabbergasting to me.

In Schenck v. United States, the Honorable Oliver Wendall Holmes, Jr. wrote in his opinion: “The most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.”  Right now, misinformation in support of vaccination is causing a totally unnecessary panic.  By effectually picking a winner in the debate, Facebook is fanning a dangerous fire, that now unanchored by the balancing opposition, threatens to grow out of control.

I don’t care what side of the fence you are on personally.  What I care about is having the right to choose what side to be on, rather than have a social media company – that has zero medical expertise – force the public to go to one or the other. Either allow both sides to speak, or ban all discussion of it entirely.  The former reveals where confusion exists and provides an opportunity for understanding to happen.  The latter allows those misunderstandings to silently remain.  Giving the floor to only one side accomplishes nothing other than proliferation of unchecked misinformation – the opposite of Facebook’s stated goal.

I cannot express how disappointed I am in Facebook right now.  Regardless of what happens, however, I hope that those who need an alternative to artificial immunity are able to find what they need.  Suppressing that information or making it harder to access may very well lead to real life or death situations for some people.

Stay well out there, witches.


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Earth Element Detox Challenge!

Our world has become a very toxic place to live in.  From the food we eat to the soap we use in the shower, we are getting hit on all fronts with thousands of chemicals, electrosmog, and other pollutants on a daily basis.  The cumulative effect can manifest in our bodies as a general feeling of chronic malaise and gradually build up to much more serious health concerns.

Throughout the Earth Element portion of my Elements Series, I will be putting out challenges to help make you aware of some areas where we can mitigate our exposure to environmental toxins.  Hopefully, by the end of the series you will begin to feel some relief from the symptoms many of us experience from being walking waste dumps.

Challenge #1 – Clean up your makeup! 

I would like to start with cosmetics, because they are a completely optional source of toxic intake.  Yes, makeup is fun.  Our appearance is one of the ways that we are able to really get creative with our self-expression, and I would never want to take that away from someone.  Luckily, more and more cosmetics companies are popping up that offer safer alternatives than traditional brands.  So, for our first challenge, take some time to evaluate what you currently have in your makeup bag using the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.  Ditch the most dangerous cosmetics you currently have and locate better options using the directions below:

Makeup can be expensive, so if you find that you have a lot to clean up, I suggest replacing a few products at a time, starting with the most hazardous, heavily, and frequently used items.  For example, if the foundation you use every day scores higher in the red zone than a moderately scored eyeliner you use only when you go out on Friday nights, replace the foundation first.  You cover more of your skin with the foundation on a more regular basis than an eyeliner you only use on date nights.

You may choose to give up certain cosmetics altogether or pick at least one day at week when you go totally au naturel.  Even taking an occasional break from makeup can help reduce your exposure to toxins.  It can even become your new beautiful form of self-expression!

Stay tuned for more challenges!  And remember to subscribe to my YouTube channel for weekly videos and more spiritual crazy for the solitary witch!


“EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database” and “EWG Verified” are the intellectual property of the Environmental Working Group, which is not affiliated with Mara on Fire.

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An Open Letter to Geo-Engineers Regarding the SCoPEx Project


Dear Messrs. Keutsch and Keith:

I recently read an article published online by MSN dated December 11, 2018 and titled “First geoengineering experiment to dim the sun on track for 2019” (

The article indicates that you will be conducting a “world-first solar geoengineering experiment” in the spring of 2019 somewhere in Southern California. The article erroneously reports that this will be the “the first time the controversial concept of dimming the sun — more scientifically known as stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) — will be tested in the real world.”

I am certain you are aware that attempts to control the weather through geoengineering have, in fact, gone on for several decades. I am also certain you are aware that the topic is extremely controversial and believed to be the cause of extreme weather events and serious health concerns.

It is no secret that these injections are poisoning the general population with high levels of neurotoxins. I moved to Los Angeles about a year and a half ago, and I have noticed the trademark trails and haze left by SAIs on an almost daily basis – and I have never felt so sick in my life.  I experience daily headaches, dizzy spells, nosebleeds, and respiratory problems that I have no other logical explanation for other than the extremely poor air quality here caused by SAIs.

Significantly more disconcerting is the overall impact on our planet. We are witnessing an alarming debilitation of critical ecosystems, without which life cannot be sustained on earth.  The MSN article I read totally downplays the real concerns the public has over these experiments.

The MSN article is again misleading when it states:

The team is philanthropically funded, and they “strongly discourage” the commercialisation of solar geoengineering technology in order to ensure a necessary level of transparency for informed public decision-making. They will file no patents related to the technology.

Firstly, there are over 150 patents on file with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office concerning geoengineering. Secondly, filing a patent requires full disclosure of all pertinent details concerning the technology and, if a patent issues, bars use of that technology by anyone other than the patent holder for a period of 20 years.  Thus, failing to file patents on any new technology means that you do not have to publicly disclose details about the technology and that it can be used by anyone – the exact opposite of your stated desire.

While I applaud Mr. Keutsch and Mr. Keith for seeking advice from an external advisory committee before moving ahead with SCoPEx, given the widespread effects and literal life and death nature of geoengineering experimentation, seeking comment only from an unidentified committee of advisors is simply not good enough.

Geoengineering affects all of us. I, therefore, respectfully ask you to seek open, public comment on your proposed SCoPEx project, including full disclosure of all constituents contained in the proposed aerosol and the exact location and scope of testing, for a period of at least three months prior to commencing the test. I further encourage you to remain objective and listen to any criticisms with the goal of working together to provide truly corrective solutions to climate change.

I am certain a great amount of energy and work has gone into this project. Recall, however, that J. Robert Oppenheimer is said to have stated (after the Trinity Explosion), “I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”  We may start out with good intentions, but when it becomes plain that our course has taken a terribly wrong turn, it is imperative to place ego aside before it is too late.

I pray – for the sake of all of us – that you find humanity within yourselves and recognize the power you have to set us on a better course.


Those wishing to add their voice to the related petition, “Open Public Comment to SCoPEx Geoengineering Experiment” may do so at the following link:

Moonstone & Garnet Winter Clearance Sale

Winter 2018 is almost over!  That means that my Winter Clearance Sale is on now at Moonstone & Garnet!

Take 15% off the following products:

*Spiced Elderberry Syrup
*Winter Lip Balm
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*Winter Wellness Herbal Tea

Once these products are gone, they will not be replaced.  I’m looking forward to releasing new products soon!!

Last batch of elderberry syrup for 2018 brewing away



Sample Junk Mail Letter

Every day, I come home and collect a pile of garbage from my mailbox.  With frustration and sorrow, I dump it all into the recycling bin just hoping that someone will buy the recycled product.  But most likely, it will go into a landfill.

I’ve tried writing “REFUSED – RETURN TO SENDER” on junk mail, only to have the postal carrier return those letters to my box.  Annoyed this bullshit is being forced on me, and aware of how destructive it is to our planet, I’ve taken to writing directly to companies explaining why I will not do business with them until they clean up their act.  I thought I would share my template letter with others, and welcome you to use it to voice your own concerns.

When our planet is under attack, it literally threatens our lives.  Please join me in being a voice for change.

Sample Junk Mail Letter