How to Properly Frame Affirmations

If you’re familiar with the Law of Attraction, then you are probably also familiar with affirmations – those ‘feel good’ statements we tell ourselves over and over again until we (theoretically) believe they are true.  The problem is, if those statements aren’t actually true, your subconscious mind will reject them, making it more difficult for you to manifest your intentions.

For example, if you look at yourself every day in the mirror and say, “I’m a millionaire” when you are living paycheck to paycheck on a minimum wage job, your subconscious knows that’s blarney.  And because our subconscious mind makes up the majority of our thought process, it will override whatever your conscious mind may rationalize as possible.

Because of this dynamic, I have found that the most powerful way to structure affirmations is by using things you already believe to be true as your base and then expanding those statements to encompass the target you are drawing into your experience.

Let’s use love as an example.  Take a piece of paper or your manifesting journal, and write at the top of a page: “I’m a great catch because…”  Write at least 30 things about yourself that you earnestly believe make you an attractive partner.  Your list may look something like this:

I’m a great catch because….
*I am intelligent
*I’m financially secure
*I have a great sense of humor
*I live a fun and active lifestyle
And so on.

Now, transform those statements into at least 10 affirmations that are geared toward attracting your desire.  Like this:

*My intelligence is attractive to potential partners.
*My home is ready for a new partner to move in.
*[Women/Men] enjoy being around the fun environment I create.

These are statements that your subconscious is more open to receiving, because they have a basis in your present reality.  Such properly framed affirmations will gradually move you closer to your goal, because they break through any subconscious blocks you may have that withhold from you the object of your desire.  Think of abundance as a river.  If you have erected dams, the river of abundance cannot freely flow to you.  Once you deconstruct the dams, blessings flow to you effortlessly.  Affirmations facilitate this process by re-directing your focus to the positive in your experience and away from the sabotaging, negative self-talk that builds dams.

Try the above experiment and read your affirmations aloud to yourself every morning in the mirror.  Always conclude with a gratitude statement, such as, “Thank you for the blessings in my life now and for those that are presently on their way to me.”  Finally, declare, “As I will it, so may it be,” and go forth to conquer the day! 🙂



Venus Retrograde 2017

Hello, All!  I am back from my adventures in California, and I am looking forward to devoting more time to this blog and my youtube channel.  And I’d like to start by talking about love!  ❤

Currently, Venus is Retrograde and will be moving through the signs of Aires and Pisces, until she goes direct on April 15th.  Venus Retrograde periods are about reflecting on our relationships with our lovers as well as our relationships with money, art, and beauty.  This is when we evaluate what truly makes our hearts sing.

To take the most advantage of this Retrograde season, you may perform any rituals needed to clear out past lovers from your energetic space.  The best time to do this will be while the Moon is wanning during the latter half of March.  In particular, the Moon will be in Libra (the sign of relationships) on Monday, March 13th through Wednesday, March 15th and then moves into Scorpio (the sign of death) on Thursday, March 16th and Friday, March 17th.  You may also find Saturday, March 18th a good day for cutting ties, as Saturday is generally a good day for banishing, and the numerological correspondence of 9 (1+8) is that of endings.

Activities such as burning old photos and deleting your ex’s phone number are certainly supported at this time.  More importantly, however, is to identify any unresolved feelings or pain and give to yourself whatever you need to heal.  You may try journaling or working with crystals that stimulate the heart charka, such as rose quartz and green aventurine.  Perhaps try a meditation.  Take a walk in nature and observe how green the world looks in Spring; allow the experience to energize your heart.

You may also find that this is a good time to take stock of what makes you feel prosperous, as Venus also takes a role in our financial well-being.  The focus is to reflect inward, however, and hold off taking action until the retrograding planet moves forward.  So, you may, for example, spend some time looking over your budget and determining where you can trim some fat and whether or not you are investing your money where it is working to bring you joy.  Does your job make you feel awesome or drained?  Et cetera.

Venus governs matters of art and beauty, so now is a wonderful time to schedule an afternoon at the local art museum.  Compose a poem or write a piece of music.  Read some classic literature.  Maybe read up on the myths of Aphrodite.

Let go of any body-image issues with self-love rituals, buying yourself flowers, or learning more about how to prepare healthful meals that sustain the body.  Be kind to yourself.

Remember, keep these activities quiet and reflective.  Venus will guide you to exactly the right place within your heart that needs tending to.  In fact, the Universe may very well throw it in your face, as it did with me just yesterday when an ex I thought I was completely over suddenly popped back up.  Take it as it comes, sitting with mindful awareness of each experience, and when Venus moves direct, you will understand what these lessons were placed into your life to teach you.

I hope this Venus Retrograde proves to be healing and beneficial to you all!

Magickal blessings,



New Moon & Vision Board Ritual

So excited for this evening’s New Moon!                      New Moons are always a great time for manifesting and new beginnings, but this New Moon is especially important to me.  Tonight, the Sun and Moon are both in my sign (Aquarius), which means that it is time to kick off the start of my birth year.  It is also the first New Moon of 2017, which makes it a wonderful time for everyone to set their intentions for the year.  To help inspire you, I have made this video on my youtube channel to show you how I will be incorporating a vision board into this evening’s ritual.

My New Moon Altar, with vision board placed by the Sun Candle, Justice Tarot Card, and bar exam tools being charged.
My New Moon Altar, with vision board placed by the Sun Candle, Justice Tarot Card, and bar exam tools being charged.

Yes, I know – vision boards are usually a ‘law of attraction’ thing.  But, for me, LOA and witchcraft are pretty synonymous.  My definition of witchcraft is the willful manipulation of energy to achieve a desire a result – which could also be said for many popular LOA techniques.  If you like, you can think of a vision board as its own sort of spell, as a creation that is infused with your energy and intent to bring about whatever it is that you are trying to manifest.  And a New Moon is a perfect time to make one.  So, get out your scissors, magazines, and glue sticks, and let’s get busy!

Love & Light,