House Cleansing & Blessing

When moving into a new space, or perhaps annually as a part of your Imbolc rites, you may wish to perform a cleansing and blessing of your home.  To do so, the day of Imbolc and the following weeks can be spent physically cleaning the home, ridding it of unnecessary clutter and starting the earliest of spring cleaning.  A sage & citrus candle can be burned as a working candle during this process.  Once the house is sufficiently tidy, a spiritual cleansing and home blessing may be performed.  This ritual is best performed during a wanning moon on a Saturday to banish negative energies, but can really be done at any time it suits you.

Supplies for House Cleansing:

  • Salt
  • Water
  • Sage smudge or incense stick
  • White candle
  • 2 bowls
  • Matches

Place the salt and water in separate bowls.  Light the sage and the white candle.  You may place all of these items on a tray for easier carrying from room to room.

Starting and ending with the door of each room and working in a counter-clockwise direction, smudge with the water, sage, candle flame, and salt while reciting:

     With the purifying power of water,
     with the clean breath of air,
     with the passionate heat of fire, and
     with the grounding energy of earth,
     I/we cleanse this space.

This ritual should be concluded by opening all of the windows and doors to let the negative energies out.

Supplies for Home Blessing:

  • Home Blessing Oil or Incense

After the home has been cleansed, go through each room and anoint the door frames and windowsills with home blessing oil or smudge with home blessing incense (working in a clockwise direction) while reciting:

     May Brighid bless this home, making it sacred and pure,
     so that nothing but love and joy may enter and dwell here.

You may also choose to anoint and charge amulets or crystals and place them around or within the home to ward off negative energies.  For Imbolc, you may choose to anoint and charge a Brighid’s Cross and place it on the front door for protection.


Lighting of the Hearth

*  Matches                            *  Kindling, wood, fire starters, paper, etc.
*  Fireplace                          *  Imbolc casting herbs (or other suitable offering that can be burned)

This ritual is best performed on Imbolc between dawn and midday, to honor the sun, which is now growing in the sky.

Prepare the fireplace with kindling, fire starters and paper.


On this Imbolc, in the cold of the midwinter, we light the hearth fire to restore light to our earth and home.

Light the fire, and once it is going, continue reciting:

We call to Brighid, the flame of the hearth, to bless us with her presence.
Patroness of Bards, Protector of Mothers:
We ask you to bless our home with your warmth and shelter.
We ask for your gifts of abundant prosperity, peace, and love.
May we be healed and purified by the power of your sacred flame.
We cast these herbs as an offering and in thanks for hearing our petition.
May their fragrance be pleasing to you, beloved goddess, whom we honor this day.

Scatter a handful of casting herbs into the fire.  Once they have burned down, ignite a match in the flames of Brighid’s Fire and use that same match to light the Imbolc ritual candle and other Candlemas candles, which should be left to burn throughout the day on the altar, on the fireplace mantel, or around the home.