Seed Blessing

One of my favorite things to do for Ostara is bless the seeds that I will plant at Beltane.  Ostara is celebrated at the Spring Equinox, which falls around March 20th of every year.  It is a time of renewal and rebirth – and a time for preparing for the upcoming agricultural season.

Even you’re not a farmer, you can tune into the rhythms of the Earth’s cycles by planting just a few seeds in a simple pot on your porch or on your kitchen counter and tending to them while they grow.  It is truly magical to witness a tiny seed emerge from the dirt, rise to reach toward the sky, and produce flowers, fruit, or vegetables to harvest in the later months of the year.  By the time Mabon and Samhain roll around, seeds from the plant you grew can be stored for use the during the following growing season, starting the turn of the wheel all over again.  So, pick up a packet of non-GMO seeds, and get ready to watch the Earth to burst into life this Spring!

Place your seeds on your altar.  If you have several seed packets, you may wish to use a decorative basket to hold them all.

Light an Ostara ritual candle.  Alternatively, a green candle (for fertility) will do just fine.

Draw a pentagram on each seed packet, which represents the Elements.  Your seeds will need the support of each of the Elements to grow.

Call upon your deity of choice for fertility/creation, if you have one.  I personally call upon Cernunnos for this ritual, but work with a deity you have a relationship with.  If you don’t work with any particular deities, feel free to modify the wording of your blessing to generally call upon the Earth or the Universe or whatever feels right to you.

Bless the seeds by stating:

Lord Cernunnos,
The Mighty Horned One,
Protector of the Forest,
Master of the Hunt –
I ask for your blessing upon these seeds.
May they be awakened by your virility
And stir with life, ready for planting at Beltane.
By your power over the land and all things wild
May they rise to meet the Sun,
Yield an abundant harvest,
And peacefully rest when
Light and Dark are equal again.
As I will it, so mote it be, and so it is.

Give thanks to Cernunnos and make an appropriate offering, such as drumming, wine, or naturally fallen pine cones or leaves.

Leave your seeds on your altar until it is time to plant them at Beltane.

Ostara Blessings,

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