A Prayer to Brigid to End Human Trafficking

An estimated 40 million victims around the globe are enslaved through human trafficking.  Although the number is staggering, we are not powerless.  The greatest threat to any establishment is when we come together as one voice and say: “Enough!”  Please join me in calling upon the Great Goddess Brigid, a protector and healer of women and children, to assist us in bringing this nightmare to an end.

I encourage you to dedicate a white candle on your altar to this endeavor.  Light it and recite this prayer as often as you feel inspired to do so.  From the bottom of my heart, I truly thank you! – M.

Brigid of Sacred Wells,
Lady of the Fiery Arrow,
Protector of Women and Children –
Please teach us, with your power over
The Element of Water,
To be more connected to one another,
As the currents of your streams and tributaries
Connect all Life on the Planet.

Grant us the patience of the Tides.
Help us to see each other with compassion –
To set aside our differences,
And to heal one another’s suffering
By knowing when to be silent
And when to rise.

Bestow us with wisdom
As deep as the Oceans.
Allow what has been kept in darkness
To be brought to the Surface
In your divine and perfect timing.

Inspire us to act justly when action is needed,
And calm us to stillness when listening is required.
Set our course on these troubled Waters
With compass and stone –
With our Intuition as our guide,
And our Senses to ground us.

May you watch over those in trouble.
Give us Sight that they may be found,
And show them the way to safety.
Bathe their wounds in your Holy Wells.
Touch them where they need Healing,
And bring Peace to us all.

We thank you, Great Goddess.
We thank you.


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Love Potion (Ritual Oil)

Ritual oils are a staple in any witch’s cupboard.  They’re basically oils infused with botanicals and charged with magical intent.  Use this one for self-love or to invite romance into your life.  Va-va-voom!

Use a mini slow cooker to speed up the process of making infused oils.


1 oz. dried rose buds (approximately 1 cup)
2 vanilla beans
1 oz. rose hip oil
1 cup olive oil


Place the herbs in a slow cooker. Mix both oils together and pour over the herbs. Set the slow cooker to warm and steep for 3 to 5 hours. Strain.  Store in a glass bottle. ❤


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Commanding Spell

You can perform this ritual in your own tradition (e.g., casting a circle, calling wards, etc.), as you wish.  I just thought I would write out my own, personal process here, as I think it is particularly important when performing more intense magic to have a framework around it, and if you’re not yet settled in your ways as a witch, perhaps this variation will speak to you.

Some traditions teach against interfering with a person’s freewill.  However, at times, it is necessary for the good of all involved to take command of a situation.  If your motives are purely selfish (such as “make this person love me”), I recommend investing more energy in figuring out the underlying reasons why you feel as if you just cannot live without this person or experience.  Because, frankly, it is unlikely you will be happy with the disingenuous result.  If, on the other hand, you need to send a wrongdoer to jail, protect yourself or someone else from malevolent behavior, get someone to pay you money owed, or some other form of justified dominance over a situation, I hope this spell will inspire and assist you.

Cleanse Space

Light some frankincense incense and say (while moving the stick in a counter-clockwise direction over your altar space):

By the element of Air
And by the element of Fire
And by the Witch’s Spirit
I purify and cleanse this Space
As I desire it, so shall it be, and so it is.

Dissolve some salt in water and sprinkle or spray it around your altar while saying:

By the element of Water
And by the element of Earth
And by the Witch’s Spirit
I purify and cleanse this Space
As I desire it, so shall it be, and so it is.

Prepare Your Altar & Tools

Place a photograph of your target on the altar.

Carve a purple candle (purple represents personal power) with the words: “I have control over [target’s name]”.  Dress the candle with commanding and compelling oil (a/k/a bend over oil or similar names), and place it in front of the picture.


Invite those entities that might hear your petition and help you by saying:

I call upon the God and the Goddess [call them by name, if you work with particular deities] and all those that seek to assist me and none that mean to do me harm.  I welcome you to this consecrated Space.

State Your Intention for this Working

Explain why you are performing the spell and what you would like to accomplish.  For example:

I call upon you this night to aid me in influencing [target], for his/her own good and the good of all of those involved, to [what you would like this person to do].  I ask that this be accomplished by [date or time].  Please grant me safety, invisibility, if needed to accomplish this work, protection from my enemies, and your blessings.

Cast the Spell

Light the purple candle and say:

Candle, candle
Burning bright
Imbue me with power
Imbue me with might

Give strength to my voice
And the words that I say
Grant me the authority
To dominate as I may

With the assistance of those who have joined me this night, I command and compel [target] to [what you want them to do] forthwith.

This is my will, and so it shall be, and so it is done.


Make an offering to the entities that have come to help you.  If you have called upon specific deities or Otherworld beings, make an offering that is appropriate for that particular helper.  If you made a more generic invitation to whomever would answer, a general offering of incense or wine or brandy should suffice.  Say:

I thank my deities, my ancestors, and the Others who join me in this working.  May this offering be pleasing to you. [Make the offering.]


To conclude the rite, you need to take the energy and intention you have harnessed in your Space and set it free to go out into the world and take form on the physical plane.  To do so, declare:

I thank all who have joined me this night and bid you farewell as this working is complete and released to manifest as I have directed.  May our work be accomplished!  As I will it, it shall be, and so it is done!

Allow the candle to burn down.  You may sit for a while and visualize the person doing what you have commanded them to do and note any feelings that come up.  After you feel the spell is done, extinguish the candle and dispose of it at a crossroads.  If you made an offering of wine or brandy, you can pour it out onto the ground outside.


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Forgiveness Ritual

One thing that will definitely stand in the way of manifesting what we want on the physical plane is holding a grudge.  I get it: You’ve been wronged.  It was unjust.  It hurt.  You want the other person to acknowledge their mistake and say they are sorry – or pay with a little pain of their own…  But it is a rare moment, indeed, that people will take ownership of someone else’s (your) feelings and lamenting over the upset only acts as an energetic block in that area of your life.

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.” – Buddha

You know this.  You know that forgiveness is not consent for the mistreatment and that forgiveness has to do with freeing yourself from the pain.  But sometimes it feels as if we just can’t let go.  We replay the abuse over and over again in our minds and struggle with shutting off our negative thoughts and feelings.  In such situations, ritualized forgiveness may help finally release you from the agony.

For this ritual you will need:
* Writing utensil and paper
* Purple chime candle or tea light
* Tranquility or Be Still essential oil (or similar blend)
* Matches
* Fireproof container

Schedule a quiet time when you will not be interrupted.  Write out a letter to the person who hurt you.  (It is preferable to do this by hand.)  Allow yourself to go ahead and let out whatever you feel you need to.  Be angry.  Cry.  Anything goes.

When finished with the letter, fold it nine times, making the folds away from yourself each time.

Prepare the candle by dressing with the essential oil.  Ignite the candle and hold the paper over the flame, saying:

I forgive [person’s name].
I give my pain to the purple flame;
I release it and feel it no longer.
[Or whatever similar wording resonates with you.]

Ignite the paper and allow it to burn in a fireproof container.

Sit and meditate in front of the candle, imagining that as the wax melts, so does your anger and pain.  This spell should be seen through to total completion, allowing the candle to melt all the way down until it extinguishes itself, so it is encouraged to select a smaller-sized candle.  Once the spell is complete, scatter the ashes at a crossroads or in a cemetery.

It is my sincere hope that all who read this find peace. ❤


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Green Candle Prosperity Spell

You will need:

*  Green candle
*  Money drawing oil
*  Dried basil
*  Dried mint
*  8 gold coins (the $1 U.S. coins are perfect)
*  Finely shredded dollar bill(s)

This spell is best conducted during the waxing moon phase on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

Dress the green candle in money drawing oil, and roll the candle in the herbs and shredded bills so that they stick to the candle.  Place the candle in the center of a candle dish or in a candle holder and surround it with more herbs and bills and the coins.  Light the candle and visualize money coming your way.  Do not worry about the how or when – just picture it coming to you.  If you have a specific amount in mind (e.g., to pay off a debt, fix your car, etc.), imagine that amount of money coming to you.

You may add an incantation, if you like, that is appropriate for your situation, or try this one:

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Money fill my pockets
and bank account,
Swell my wallet;
bring it about!

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Bring me discounts
And coupons galore
Give me winnings
And earnings that soar!

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Make me rich
So mote it be!

When you feel the ritual is complete, extinguish the candle.  Bury the spell remains in the front yard, in front of or close to the door to your home.


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Self-Love Ritual Bath

You will need:

*  Bath tub & hot water
*  Towel, robe
*  White & pink candles (vanilla or rose scented are great)
*  Matches
*  Herbs associated with love, such as rose petals or apple blossoms
*  Meditation music
*  A natural, organic body lotion

Run hot water into the bath tub.  Meanwhile, place and light the white and pink candles around the tub, positioning them however you like.  (It is preferable to dim or turn off the electrical lighting in the room and bathe by the candlelight.)  Cast your herbs into the hot water in the tub and turn on your meditation music.

When the water is to the height and temperature you prefer, undress and sit down into the tub.  Lay back and relax.

While listening to the meditation music, reflect upon all of the fears and insecurities you have about yourself.  Once firmly fixed in your mind, imagine these worries seeping out of your body into the bath water.  Wash these troubles away with body soap, if you like, while visualizing all of the negative thoughts about yourself going out of you and into the bath water.  Then let the bath water drain, taking all of your insecurities down the pipes.

Towel off and put on your robe.  Grab the body lotion and hold it in your hands while thinking about your personal strengths, imaging the lotion becoming charged with these affirmations.  Then slather the lotion on your body and allow your skin to soak up all of the beautiful, positive energy.


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Yearly Closing Ceremony

At the end of each calendar year, I perform this ritual to let go of what has passed and set my intentions for what is to come.


*  Black Candle                                        *  White candle
*  Van Van Oil or Lemon Juice              *  Salt
*  1 Bowl                                                    *  1 Dish
*  Water                                                     *  Basil
*  Paper                                                      *  Matches
*  Something to write with                     *  Fireplace or cauldron

At noon on New Year’s Eve, carve a black candle with the year that is ending (e.g., “2016”).  Dress with van van oil (or lemon juice) and place in a dish of salt (for cleansing).

Carve a white candle with the year that is beginning (e.g., “2017”), and set it up next to the black candle in a dish of water; sprinkle basil over the white candle and water (for prosperity and abundance).

Write your reflections from the year ending – things you are grateful for, learned, want to let go of, etc.  Take your time to meditate and reflect upon the year ending.  When finished, fold the paper away from you and place under the dish with the black candle.  Light the black candle and recite the following or similar words:

With a thankful heart for all that has past,
I exhale and release all that no longer serves.

Allow the candle to burn into the afternoon and evening, as the sunlight wans.  Close to midnight, ignite the paper under the black candle in its flame and transfer to the fireplace or cauldron.  Extinguish the black candle.

On another sheet of paper, write your goals, wishes, or things you want to bring into your life in the upcoming year.  Fold this paper toward you and place it under the dish with the white candle.  At midnight on New Year’s morning, light the white candle and recite the following or similar words:

With a hopeful heart, I open myself up to receive what this New Year will bring.
Bless me, beloved Goddess, and bring these wishes to manifest in abundance.
So mote it be!

Allow the candle to burn into the morning hours, as the sunlight is waxing.  At noon on New Year’s Day, ignite the paper under the white candle in its flame and transfer to the fireplace or cauldron.  Extinguish the white candle.

To dispose of the remains of the black candle, wrap in black paper and toss in the trash.  Dispose of the remains of the white candle by burying them in your yard.  The ashes from the papers may be scattered, if desired.


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