Commanding Spell

You can perform this ritual in your own tradition (e.g., casting a circle, calling wards, etc.), as you wish.  I just thought I would write out my own, personal process here, as I think it is particularly important when performing more intense magic to have a framework around it, and if you’re not yet settled in your ways as a witch, perhaps this variation will speak to you.

Some traditions teach against interfering with a person’s freewill.  However, at times, it is necessary for the good of all involved to take command of a situation.  If your motives are purely selfish (such as “make this person love me”), I recommend investing more energy in figuring out the underlying reasons why you feel as if you just cannot live without this person or experience.  Because, frankly, it is unlikely you will be happy with the disingenuous result.  If, on the other hand, you need to send a wrongdoer to jail, protect yourself or someone else from malevolent behavior, get someone to pay you money owed, or some other form of justified dominance over a situation, I hope this spell will inspire and assist you.

Cleanse Space

Light some frankincense incense and say (while moving the stick in a counter-clockwise direction over your altar space):

By the element of Air
And by the element of Fire
And by the Witch’s Spirit
I purify and cleanse this Space
As I desire it, so shall it be, and so it is.

Dissolve some salt in water and sprinkle or spray it around your altar while saying:

By the element of Water
And by the element of Earth
And by the Witch’s Spirit
I purify and cleanse this Space
As I desire it, so shall it be, and so it is.

Prepare Your Altar & Tools

Place a photograph of your target on the altar.

Carve a purple candle (purple represents personal power) with the words: “I have control over [target’s name]”.  Dress the candle with commanding and compelling oil (a/k/a bend over oil or similar names), and place it in front of the picture.


Invite those entities that might hear your petition and help you by saying:

I call upon the God and the Goddess [call them by name, if you work with particular deities] and all those that seek to assist me and none that mean to do me harm.  I welcome you to this consecrated Space.

State Your Intention for this Working

Explain why you are performing the spell and what you would like to accomplish.  For example:

I call upon you this night to aid me in influencing [target], for his/her own good and the good of all of those involved, to [what you would like this person to do].  I ask that this be accomplished by [date or time].  Please grant me safety, invisibility, if needed to accomplish this work, protection from my enemies, and your blessings.

Cast the Spell

Light the purple candle and say:

Candle, candle
Burning bright
Imbue me with power
Imbue me with might

Give strength to my voice
And the words that I say
Grant me the authority
To dominate as I may

With the assistance of those who have joined me this night, I command and compel [target] to [what you want them to do] forthwith.

This is my will, and so it shall be, and so it is done.


Make an offering to the entities that have come to help you.  If you have called upon specific deities or Otherworld beings, make an offering that is appropriate for that particular helper.  If you made a more generic invitation to whomever would answer, a general offering of incense or wine or brandy should suffice.  Say:

I thank my deities, my ancestors, and the Others who join me in this working.  May this offering be pleasing to you. [Make the offering.]


To conclude the rite, you need to take the energy and intention you have harnessed in your Space and set it free to go out into the world and take form on the physical plane.  To do so, declare:

I thank all who have joined me this night and bid you farewell as this working is complete and released to manifest as I have directed.  May our work be accomplished!  As I will it, it shall be, and so it is done!

Allow the candle to burn down.  You may sit for a while and visualize the person doing what you have commanded them to do and note any feelings that come up.  After you feel the spell is done, extinguish the candle and dispose of it at a crossroads.  If you made an offering of wine or brandy, you can pour it out onto the ground outside.


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