Green Candle Prosperity Spell

You will need:

*  Green candle
*  Money drawing oil
*  Dried basil
*  Dried mint
*  8 gold coins (the $1 U.S. coins are perfect)
*  Finely shredded dollar bill(s)

This spell is best conducted during the waxing moon phase on a Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday.

Dress the green candle in money drawing oil, and roll the candle in the herbs and shredded bills so that they stick to the candle.  Place the candle in the center of a candle dish or in a candle holder and surround it with more herbs and bills and the coins.  Light the candle and visualize money coming your way.  Do not worry about the how or when – just picture it coming to you.  If you have a specific amount in mind (e.g., to pay off a debt, fix your car, etc.), imagine that amount of money coming to you.

You may add an incantation, if you like, that is appropriate for your situation, or try this one:

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Money fill my pockets
and bank account,
Swell my wallet;
bring it about!

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Bring me discounts
And coupons galore
Give me winnings
And earnings that soar!

Wealth and prosperity
Come to me
Make me rich
So mote it be!

When you feel the ritual is complete, extinguish the candle.  Bury the spell remains in the front yard, in front of or close to the door to your home.


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