Self-Love Ritual Bath

You will need:

*  Bath tub & hot water
*  Towel, robe
*  White & pink candles (vanilla or rose scented are great)
*  Matches
*  Herbs associated with love, such as rose petals or apple blossoms
*  Meditation music
*  A natural, organic body lotion

Run hot water into the bath tub.  Meanwhile, place and light the white and pink candles around the tub, positioning them however you like.  (It is preferable to dim or turn off the electrical lighting in the room and bathe by the candlelight.)  Cast your herbs into the hot water in the tub and turn on your meditation music.

When the water is to the height and temperature you prefer, undress and sit down into the tub.  Lay back and relax.

While listening to the meditation music, reflect upon all of the fears and insecurities you have about yourself.  Once firmly fixed in your mind, imagine these worries seeping out of your body into the bath water.  Wash these troubles away with body soap, if you like, while visualizing all of the negative thoughts about yourself going out of you and into the bath water.  Then let the bath water drain, taking all of your insecurities down the pipes.

Towel off and put on your robe.  Grab the body lotion and hold it in your hands while thinking about your personal strengths, imaging the lotion becoming charged with these affirmations.  Then slather the lotion on your body and allow your skin to soak up all of the beautiful, positive energy.


Yearly Closing Ceremony

At the end of each calendar year, I perform this ritual to let go of what has passed and set my intentions for what is to come.


*  Black Candle                                         *  White candle
*  Van Van Oil or Lemon Juice             *  Salt
*  1 Bowl                                                    *  1 Dish
*  Water                                                     *  Basil
*  Paper                                                      *  Matches
*  Something to write with                     *  Fireplace or cauldron

At noon on New Year’s Eve, carve a black candle with the year that is ending (e.g., “2016”).  Dress with van van oil (or lemon juice) and place in a dish of salt (for cleansing).

Carve a white candle with the year that is beginning (e.g., “2017”), and set it up next to the black candle in a dish of water; sprinkle basil over the white candle and water (for prosperity and abundance).

Write your reflections from the year ending – things you are grateful for, learned, want to let go of, etc.  Take your time to meditate and reflect upon the year ending.  When finished, fold the paper away from you and place under the dish with the black candle.  Light the black candle and recite the following or similar words:

With a thankful heart for all that has past,
I exhale and release all that no longer serves.

Allow the candle to burn into the afternoon and evening, as the sunlight wans.  Close to midnight, ignite the paper under the black candle in its flame and transfer to the fireplace or cauldron.  Extinguish the black candle.

On another sheet of paper, write your goals, wishes, or things you want to bring into your life in the upcoming year.  Fold this paper toward you and place it under the dish with the white candle.  At midnight on New Year’s morning, light the white candle and recite the following or similar words:

With a hopeful heart, I open myself up to receive what this New Year will bring.
Bless me, beloved Goddess, and bring these wishes to manifest in abundance.
So mote it be!

Allow the candle to burn into the morning hours, as the sunlight is waxing.  At noon on New Year’s Day, ignite the paper under the white candle in its flame and transfer to the fireplace or cauldron.  Extinguish the white candle.

Dispose of any remains of the black candle at a crossroads.  Dispose of the remains of the white candle by burying them in your yard.  The ashes from the papers may be scattered, if desired.